When you link Prime Bank account in your pocket, you will get a bonus of 100 rupees

You will get a bonus of Rs 100 when you link the Prime Bank account in your pocket

The digital wallet pocket will provide a bonus of Rs 100 when linked to a prime bank account pocket. Once the bank account is linked, payment can be made directly from the bank without loading.

This bonus offer will only apply to users who link to a Prime Bank account wallet for the first time.

In order to link, the user must verify his pocket KYC. Similarly, the mobile number entered in the user’s wallet and bank account should be the same.

Any bill can be paid at any time within a few seconds from home by loading it in the pocket from the linked Prime Bank account free of cost. The scheme is applicable to anyone who links Prime Bank with Khalti from July 16 to 31.

Shirish Shrestha, brand and marketing manager of Khalti Digital Wallet, said that the bonus offer was brought to encourage people to pay all kinds of bills through digital means from home.

“With this service, customers will be relieved of the hassle of having to load money from time to time,” he said.

How to link Prime Bank Account with Pocket?

  • Shown on the home screen of the pocket Peacock Go to the option and tap on the link bank account.
  • Among the available banks prime bank To select
  • Fill in all the required details submit Press the button.
  • Now received on registered mobile one time password You can successfully link your Prime Bank account with your pocket account by filing (OTP).


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