Now not only goods and services, but also digital content should be kept under consumer rights

Nepal should celebrate World Consumer Rights Day differently than other countries. Because Nepal has kept consumer rights within the fundamental right in the constitution.


We have kept consumer rights as a right that cannot be taken away by the state. The issue of consumer rights should not be done only one day, it should be done throughout the year. Even though consumers were killed as snakes earlier, consumers are worshiped as ‘snake’ during the week of Consumer Rights Day.

In 2015, Britain issued the Consumer Rights Act 2015. In that, the UK has included digital content as a consumer right along with services and goods saying that services and goods are not the only rights of the consumer, digital content is also the right of the consumer.

But we have not yet been able to assimilate it. Nepal should now keep digital content within the rights of consumers.

There are many weaknesses in the quality of internet service. Quality of service is a matter of consumer concern. In case of unfairness to telecom users, the complaint process is not easy. You have to come to Kathmandu.

Arrangements have been made for the people of Muga to come to Jamal and file a complaint. Now its law should be amended. At that time, Mugu’s Nyadish did not know about technology. Now you have to see the marka there. We have gone to federalism. Therefore, the system of coming to Jamal to file a complaint should be amended.

Even now there is a monopoly in the telecom sector. Nepal Telecom and Ncell are monopolizing the market. The Competition Act says that three or more service providers should enter the mobile market. Otherwise, it is not a market, it is a monopoly, he says.

(Edited part expressed by Bania, President of Consumer Rights and Rights Forum in an interactive program organized by Nepal Telecommunication Authority on Monday on the occasion of World Consumer Day)

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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